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Our Software makes running a Penny Auction Website a breeze. All the work is done by the program. Internet business owners are happier and have more free time for family and fun. Our support staff is here to make sure running your site is a breeze. Our Penny Auction Scripts work out of the box and use the most modern standards available.

Let us show you how we have helped our customers make real money in the Penny Auction Business.


To run a profitable penny auction business you need a penny auction software that can run every aspect from one convenient location.

Our software is easy to navigate and has all the tools that you need to manage and run a top notch penny auction website

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HTML Websockets promise to be the future of Real Time Communications on the internet. They are meant to replace Push, Polling and most AJAX implementations. Simply put Websockets keep a static connection open between the server and the browser so that data and events can be sent back and forth as they occur, creating a stateless environment and much much faster communications between server and clients, in fact ALL clients, that is when an event is triggered by one browser or by the server ALL clients can be updated at the EXACT same time. Meaning that there are never any microsecond delays between the data on one person’s browser and another’s…they all share the exact same data at the exact same time.

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What Clients Say..

We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


New York , USA

The most advanced software out there

Our competitors use AJAX….which has lag time…sometimes more than a second… our software updates ALL CONNECTED BROWSERS AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT SOMETHING OCCURS….no discrepencies because we use the most advanced web technologies available…everyone sees the same data INSTANTLY because we use Real Time Communications…AJAX is not a real time communication method…ajax depends upon the browser asking the server for data…which creates a drain on the server…we use 100% websockets….which keeps an open line of communication between the browser and your server. So that data can be shared in REAL TIME…there is no faster, more reliable solution than real time communication. Compare it to sending a telegraph and waiting for a response(AJAX)…or talking to someone standing next to you…that comparison is accurate when talking about websockets and ajax. Add to that that websockets are scaleable and AJAX isn’t…that is websockets can be spread across multiple servers using Redis….or load balancers so that you can grow as your site grows….Ajax can not do that.

Ajax is now outdated and prone to be hacked and can easily lead to DDOS attacks…our communications are a separate process using the latest most secure technologies available…a solution that is scaleable and over a thousand times faster than AJAX with zero skips in most modern browsers…the future of internet Real Time Communication is here…its called websockets…every browser provider has commiitted to working with websockets as the future of the industry…we are the only company that has a 100% websocket solution…our timers are not the only thomg that uses websockets….are buttons and other interactions also do…all withinjg a single script that runs as a system service(not a 5 minute cron like moat do)…our solution is the only solution that runs as a system service.

We use TWO different programmin languages in conjuction to take advantage of each one’s benefits…we use PHP to render pages…but our timer and bidding code is written in NodeJS as it is a far better solution for running this kind of code…NodeJS is asynchronous…most versions of PHP are not…php has to run as a loop if you want to run it tio control timers…and its never accurate…..NodeJS takes fewer resources than PHP as a server side script…at the end of the day , before you choose a lower priced solution, ask us what our software can do for you. Our software shares more similarities to jigh end chat software than to bidding software, technology wise…and thats what makes us better than our competitors. Faster, more reliable more stable communications server to browser, browser to server and between all connected users….zero discrepency software…everyone gets THE EXACT SAME DATA AT THE EXACT SAME TIME….AND THIS IS TESTABLE …JUST ASK US HOW.

OUR SOFTWARE IS MANY TIMES FASTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS TOO….we have seen over 50 people bid within the same second…and you can see the changes…within a second…that is you can see multiple bids within the same 1 second interval….and every connected user can see the same…our software is faster, smarter, less resource intensive and just better than anyone elses, that is why we offer a 5 day trial period and are soon rolling out a pay as you go method that will rival our competitors similar methods, we are not going to sell a monthly subscription method…we are going to sell a ‘rent to own’ solution. We sell software….we want to sell you software…we don’t want to rent it…so ask us about our layaway payment options as we try to simplify signups for our clients.

Announcing Version 10.0, just in time for the New Year

All comunications , timers and email are now run from a single NodeJS program, meaning greatly reduced server loads(under 500MB/s with over 100 auctions). Greatly reduced MySQL queries and connections too. A new email system that allows for using Gmail, Hotmail, Mailgun and any other SMTP server you might prefer. All functions have been tested under the most rigorous of conditions and now in 10.0 ALL functions are performed by a single NodeJS script, there is ZERO discrepancy between what you see in the browser and what’s occurring on the server. This new code too allows maximum flexibility and scaling opportunities, it can take advantage of MongoDB and other clustered database solutions with minimal changes. We are calling this 10.0, because it has been tested as stable, yet we still recognize that there are further ways we can optimise this new code to further reduce your server loads as well, in a way that allows for us to quickly adapt to your modified code if need be. NodeJS is capable of hnadling 1000’s of users at one time, with very low memory and CPU load…and do it asynchronously,meaning a number of events can occur at the same moment in time without effecting each other. If you are using AJAX or Comet they can not promise this level of operation. The same tech that allows us to send real time communications between groups, users, all users back and forth in 100% real time, now also allows to handle all back-end functions at the same time in a way where all auctions run independtly from each other and work flawlessly, it was a long road to get to this modern stable and improved technology but if you test it using our 5 day FREE demo we are sure you will find it far and away better than any other solution out there.

But before you test we will also tell you HOW to test, to ensure that we are not hiding anything from you and you can verify everything is correct(competitive biding during testing proves nothing…other companies will most likely tell you to test by using 2 or 3 bidders and bidding against each other, that proves nothing for functionality and is basically a way of having you not notice when something does go wrong.

Second Generation NodeJS support

Our competitors use a PHP loop to set auction times and handle various events like bidbutlers and reserves, our NodeJS not only handles ALL communicstions to your users , but also handles backend events including setting the timers, what does that mean? Lower system resources, faster, smarter response times(we are running 500 live auctions on our demo server, the time to run through that event loop is less then 1000th of a second…with less than 400MBs of memory useage. Why? Fewer MySQL queries, connections and redundant routines. Our timer script exists as a single standalone app written in NodeJS(next generation server software)….NodeJS is basically a standalone server, the way we use it, capable of running your timers and events…as well as sending data to your users…and since the data exists in a single standalone app you can trust the data to be corrrect. We began the change to websockets and NodeJS over a year ago…our goal to have a standalone server to run the entire timer, communication process is now done…this code also makes many other things possible, allowing for far greater customization of code for clients. But if you expect to want to run over 200 auctions at a time….noone else can do that…PHP is blocking code requiring routines to complete before the next one…our NodeJS is 100% asynchronous…allowing for faster response times and greater flexibility


HTML Websockets promise to be the future of Real Time Communications on the internet. They are meant to replace Push, Polling and most AJAX implementations. Simply put Websockets keep a static connection open between the server and the browser so that data and events can be sent back and forth as they occur, creating a stateless environment and much much faster communications between server and clients, in fact ALL clients, that is when an event is triggered by one browser or by the server ALL clients can be updated at the EXACT same time. Meaning that there are never any microsecond delays between the data on one person’s browser and another’s…they all share the exact same data at the exact same time.

These always open connections have other benefits for your website as well, like reducing the number of requests on your server, since each connection is always open until the user navigates away from the page, then no other requests are needed…that is one request is enough to keep that clock running and to display savings and to accept bids and other events that might occur in the browser. Also most events are sent directly from our proprietary PHP / UNIX socket. Where other companies will sell you on a simple PHP loop script which needs to be restarted every 5 minutes, our PHP socket can be stopped and restarted from the backend, restarts itself when it crashes or you reboot the server and never needs to be stopped and restarted like so many others do. When it updates the time for an auction that data is immediately sent to ALL connected browsers, meaning the fastest timer updates available anywhere. And significantly lower overhead than having to open AJAX requests that connect to a database to get the results for each auction. These connections can quickly stack up and is why so many of these programs fail with even a low number of users. Websockets allow us to provide a significant improvement over what our competition provides.

Load Balancer Ready

Our software works with RackSpace, AWS or NGINX Load Balancers, out of the box. It also has Rackspace Cloud File support for those who wish to use RackSpace as their hosting provider. What does this mean? Blazing fast page load speeds, very often less than a second in fact. It also auto-detects Memcache support and uses it for common settings as well, to lower the number of database queries used with each script. And has Redis support with a few minor modifications. And finally most templates are capable of loading their content using AJAX so that only the necessary portions of the page need to be loaded, rather than re-rendering content thats already been loaded.


penny auction softwareThe Penny Auction Software Turn-key package is a ready to go software kit that allows anyone to start they’re own site like Swoopo or telebid or quibids. Our Penny Auction software is the quick, cheap and easy way to setup your own penny auction or pay per bid auction website. Our penny auction software allows you to create a professional penny auction website. Our sites look professional, and take little to no time to setup and maintain.
There is not a penny auction software clone on the internet like this.

Recently a customer of ours purchased an inferior auction software clone penny auction script and asked us to look at it. We couldn’t believe that someone would sell it on the internet. When we looked at other penny auction software, we found that they too were also deficient. We decided right then and there that something needed to be done. The internet needed a reliable script. One that would allow users to run their own penny auction website without their software or script experiencing bugs or glitches.



Try before you buy with a 5 day free trial. Recent upgrades in our program including new templating methods, JS and AJAX functions based on server side scripting rather than Jquery methods and other enhancements mean that we now can offer a try before you buy option and have you up and running faster than any of our competitors.


Not All penny auction software and penny auction script are created equal. Software built in php cake or just ajax will fail after you become popular and have a lot of users. What a fake out. Your getting popular and now your system crashes. Avoid any system built on those platforms exclusively. The next thing to look out for is bad customer support. I cannot tell you how many times we get calls that there software providers just will not answer their calls, even for simple fixes that only would take a few minutes to take care. penny auction soft has not had a bad review in almost 18 moths now. That’s because of good customer support. The last thing to look out for is a good training system. If your software provider is not willing to train you in your new business you will be left in the dark. penny auction soft offers 1 2 and 3 hour training sessions so you know how to use the software. Just makes sense. Finally most of the other choices available on the market today are re-worked copies of of old outdated versions of our software, please be advised that we are working hard to shut down these sites and any day one of these providers may be off the market forever. Below are a list of companies that we feel ,in our opinion, fail one or all of the criteria we have mentioned, buyer beware.

Ask us about Android Apps

We are now capable of providing Android apps using your custom designs, ask us about pricing

What to check from our competitors

We learned a long time ago the biggest limitation you will ever find is on the server, that is you can setup as many auctions as you might like…but if the server can only process 200 in under a second(yes you want your server script running under a second…you can always add milliseconds to the timer to keep them on track…you can’t fix when they go over…our backend scripts learn what your server is capable of doing and will always keep the clock times at a second. By pausing auctions when necessary or adding NANO-SECONDS for runs that go under a second. Our competitors fix this dilemna by sending requests to a PHP script that uses up to 5 dbase queries, that the backend script has already performed…and their scripts do this sometimes several times per second…for each user browser open to your page, thus stacking up database queries, even under very small loads you can end up with thousands of these requests made upon the slowest part of the server. We use our backend script to create a SINGLE json result that is either sent directly through a websocket TO ALL users at once, and for those with older browsers to write out a JSON file to a ram cached file, to ensure fast load times even when a user has an older browser. We have spent a great deal of time ensuring a pleasurable bidding experience in all browsers whether they have websockets or not, using methods that are reliable and will greatly reduce loads upon the server. Sending requests to a PHP page that the server already knows the results for means that each user who is connected produces 5 or more dbase queries…EVERY SINGLE SECOND…multiply that by 100 and you can see why so many sites fail. We let our backend script do what it should do…send the results directly to the browser as they occur…thus eliminating thousands of requests per minute or even second that can and will kill even the most expensive servers.

The Only Truly Scalable Solution Out There

Our program auto-detects advanced methods of scalability like memcache and redis and uses them when available. We can quickly help you to also setup load balancers, AWS and RS cloud storage(we have APIs for this)…load balancers and multi-server setups. None of our competitors can promise this stuff. We offer the only TRUE OUT OF THE BOX DealDash or Quibids like setup. That being said these setups are not part of a normal install and not part of a normal license…but ONLY Penny Auction Soft can even achieve them … only PAS has created a framework rather than just a program…that allows this kind of scalability to be doable. In fact most of our competitors use pirated versions of a 5 year old version of our software. Want to judge for yourself? Ask one of our developers to suggest what to look for to see if a site is using pirated versions of our old and technogicly obsolete older versions. Ask our competitors if they support memcache or redis, load balancers or other modern techniques for storing and retrieving volatile data. It’s not difficult to judge the difference for yourself, only Penny Auction Soft is concerned with being up to date…our software has been tested on php5.6…if a competitor tells you that you need something lower then they are asking you to run , very often, insecure software that will fail most third party testing (PCI compliance and most payment gateways are concerned with this stuff). Only PAS pushes the envelope forward to improve security, because most are simply just selling pirated versions of stuff we long since abandoned or still trying to catch up with previous versions of our work. Many use Indian or Chinese programmers who are hired at rate and have very little concern over the entire project as well…thus some stuff might work fine but other things can be very broken, in software like this that can be a concern as many different functions can be using the same database tables and results. PAS is one of the few that has long term in house American programmers, that know the framework in depth and the best ways to modify it.

What is the difference between a TRUE template and several different unmaintainned programs

Most of our competitors like ourselves, promise multiple templates. The difference is simple, we only offer a single program that has over 20 templates, built-in…their templates are not in fact templates but actually a number of very different programs, that fall quickly into disrepair whenever a new version of Juery or PHP shows up. Our program is larger, but its also smarter, usually requiring fewer changes between updates to PHP and other dependencies. Many will promise how easy their stuff is to install, that’s a ridiculous promise and only works if you are using the EXACT same versions they use of the core dependencies…our promise is simple…if it doesn’t work we fix it and its an easy promise to keep because we maintain a single program that has real templates…and not 20 versions of one program that are all outdated.

Lower Priced Scripts

We price our software competitively to the marketplace, and yes we are aware of a few $99 solutions. Do you really want to entrust your ideas to a $100 solution? What addons, marketting other solutions are they offering to make you successful? Only PAS has drop ship modules and quick book solutions available. Only PAS has a partnership with an affiliate website to help you market your website. Only PAS has been doing this successfully for clients since the beginning and understands what new web technologies will be effective for the future of your business. Only PAS offers proper phone and email support in a timely manner to address your most pressing concerns.
And because PAS is the only one using a framework rather than several different programs…..only PAS can offer quick turn around for custom programming, or design work. Our competitors can and will promise…but they can not acheive our record of success or satisfaction

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