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Nous avons examiné tant de solutions logicielles d'enchères penny que tous se ressemblaient. Mais quand nous avons vu ce logiciel nous étions vraiment impressionnés.. ce est la version du logiciel Cadillac.. impatient de commencer.


New York , USA

We have several payment options now available

Pay for hosting and Programming in 10 easy payments

You can now purchase our program in 10 easy monthly payments of $200 each. After successful completion of this program you will own the code, but unless you ask to have it moved to a server that you control, then your subscription will automatically convert to a hosting subscription at $75 per month and we will maintain your server for you.

Pay all at once for our terminal based installer script

Our new terminal based installer script can be used on nearly any CentOS7 server and will automatically install core dependencies. Choose from one of our packages and as soon as payment completes you will be sent a download link that will install our program for you.

5 Day Free Trial

Test our program on one of our servers free for 5 journées. If you do not contact us within 5 days then you will be automatically converted to our easy payment plan previously mentioned