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We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


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Penny auction Marketing

Penny auction marketing is the single most important thing that you need to do once you have purchased the best software in the industry. Without marketing no one will every find your site and your auctions will unfortunately end with no bids. You have to market your site if you want to make money. Penny auction marketing can take many different forms and in the following paragragh I will try to explain some of them and how effect we have found them to be.

The number one question I get is, how much should I spend on my penny auction marketing. This is a very difficult question because it depends on a lot of factors and no one has a crystal ball as to what will happen in the future, but I will try to answer that question. We4 have found the amount of money you make in this business is directly related to the amount of money and time is spent on your penny auction marketing. And this is the equation we use to estimate what you should spend and what you might make as a result of those expenditure. And here is the golden equation.

  • 30% of your budget should go to your product costs.
  • 30% of your budget should go to your marketing costs.
  • 10% of your budget costs should go to administrative costs.
  • 30% should be profit margin.

So you can see above the amount you spend on marketing is directly related to your product costs. If your product costs is $100 then you should spend $100.00 in marketing $10 in administration and as a result you could expect to receive $100.00 in profit after expences. If you increase your product offering then you should increase your marketing budget to match demand for bids for those products.

As a disclosure results will vary but this is a great formula as an example. Also, if you are going to take it slow and run exclusively seated and reserve auctions you do not have to worry as much about losing money. Run your marketing at its own pace. You should always remember one thing in this business though, the more people you get to your site the more potential you have to make more revenue. We offer a few products that really help with marketing and get you on the right path. Check them out below.


Link Package

Link package. An extremely effective way to market your penny auction site is to link it to relevant sites. This works two ways. One it increases your page rank in google msn and yahoo and, two , people actually come from the sites you link to naturally. We offer a 40 link special that is specially tailored to be effective in the penny auction market. This comes standard with every success package .Contact us for stand alone pricing.


Email Marketing

Email marketing can be very effective in finding new and eager clients to bid on your product. At penny auction soft we have found one of the best email lists in the industry of users who are interested and or have participated in penny auctions in the past. All of the recipients are double opted in and we follow the highest standards in opt out and spam free practices. Get 1,000,000 emails ready to send for the low rate of $750.00. One time fee. Limit 3 per month total. Not per user . so reserved your spot today. Included in all success package purchases.


Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our lives and social media should also be a big part of your penny auction marketing campaign. With this add-on what you are really taking advantage of is having your users be your marketing. As users share there wins and invite there friends they become your biggest marketing partners. This comes included with any success package but can be purchased separately for $499.99 with any package. You also get a free facebook app included. Call us for a live demo.

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