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We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


New York , USA

Penny Auction Script | Penny Auction Software Features

TrueAdd Auction
TrueManage Auction
TrueSold Auction
TrueUnsold Auction
TrueManage Buy Now
TrueManage Auction Settings
TruePause Auction Management
TrueAdd Redemption
TrueManage Redemption
TrueCredit/Debit Bids
TrueReferral Commission
TrueAdd Voucher
TrueManage Vouchers
TrueAuction types:
TrueReverse Auctions,
TrueCent Penny Auctions,
TrueOpen Auctions,
TrueLowest Unique Bid Auctions,
TrueNailbiter Auctions,
TrueNight Auction,
TrueFixed Price Auction,
True100% OFF
TrueSeated auction
TrueShipping Tracking System that allows you to deliver tracking numbers right on your site
TrueShipping Tracking System that allows you to deliver tracking numbers right on your site
TrueIssue Vouchers
TrueBuy Now Feature
TrueAdvertisement module
TrueMulti languages (German, French, English, Chinese, Japanese,Spanish) You can translate your own language pack easily.
TrueSetup Timer behaviour Globally on your site and bidding Price
TrueSet the BUY NOW Discount percent
TrueBid Pack Auctions – Allows you to list bid packs and have them automatically credit to users accounts when they pay for the won auction
TrueSeated Auctions – Allows users to buy seats and bid exclusively on auctions
TrueAutomatically re list auctions that close
TrueTerms & Conditions
TrueAbout Us
TrueAdd Help Topic
TrueManage Help Topic
TrueAdd FAQ
TrueManage FAQ
TrueAdd News
TrueManage News
TrueAdd Category
TrueManage Category
TrueAdd Forums
TrueManage Forums
TrueManage Topics
TrueManage Reply
TrueProductwise Report
TrueAuctionwise Report
TrueFinancial Report
TrueAffiliate Report
TrueRegistration Report
TruePer Hour Login/Logout Report
Admin Panel Features
TrueAdmin Password
TrueSite Setting
TruePayment Gateway Setting
TrueLogin Free Points
TrueRating Free Points
TrueWelcome Bid Points
TrueAdd Bidding Users
TrueManage Bidding Users
TrueAdd AutoBidder
TrueManage AutoBidder
TrueManage Minimum Bid Price
TrueFinancial profit/loss item/category/duration wise.
TrueManage products add/edit/delete products and then use while creating new auction.
TrueUpdate the latest news articles and add new articles.
TrueSend website newsletters tmembers signed up for the newsletter.
TrueEdit general website settings like pause the site. setup email address etc.
TrueManage auction time increment and price increment rule.
TrueShipping charges management
TrueManage Affiliate Program/payments
TrueProductwise report
TrueAuctionwise report
TrueFinancial reports
TrueAffiliate reports
TrueCategorywise bid report
TrueBid butler bidding reports
TrueBidpack purchase report
TrueAdmin Autobidders
TrueCoupon System
TrueLive support chat system
TrueAnywhere whos online list
TrueEasy ban ip
TrueAuction Delete bug fix
TrueCommunity Bug Fix
TrueAffiliate Code email fix
TrueAutobidder control function
(Will give the site admins control over this function. So that they can set it to always on or they kick in last 10,20,30 seconds etc also) Main page (index.php)
TrueFeatured Auction Control
TrueTimer control (Increase bid function)
TrueEmail manager
TrueReverse Auction Type
TrueLowest Unique Bid Type
TrueBanner overlay (auction identification)
TrueThe autobid buddy(bid butler) system – the ability for users to ‘book their bids’ and they work in real time. A user places the autobidder and it begins working immediately. Other scripts do not offer this feature or they do not work at all. Our script has admin autobidders for diagnostic use. You may request a non Admin autobidder version which does not have this feature to comply with PAMA regulations.
TrueVery user friendly my account section from where user can manage all activities like:.
TrueUsers can watch auctions and review them.
TrueUsers can manage won auctions by accepting them.
TrueUsers can view products they are bidding on and other transactions.
TrueUsers can change/edit personal details (if allowed).
TrueUsers can purchase bidpacks from they’re account.
TrueUsers can see his/her affiliate earnings.
TrueUsers can manage autobidders placed on auctions.
TrueUsers can BUY NOW and use bids purchased as credit towards the purchase.
TrueUsers can enable/disable newsletters.
TrueUsers can refer a friend and to a earn commission on bids.
TrueGeneral pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, help section which can be edited from admin section.
TrueAffiliate facility for users so, he can earn some credits by referring friends.
TrueWith manage auctions you can add/edit/delete or clone auctions, as well as manage active/sold/pending auctions and add buy it now.
TrueManage user/member you can add/edit/delete/block users.
TrueMonitor sold/unsold auctions, manage winner and its order.
TrueManage Categories where categories can be added/removed.
TrueCredit/Debit bids single or bulk users.
TrueView users transactions like bidding history, purchased bid packages
TrueManage the website static pages such as the terms & conditions, about us, privacy policy and help page/faq.
TrueManage bid packs here you can create/delete different bid packages
TrueView referrals from users.
TrueVoucher and coupon module which can be specificed to a single user or globally (all users)
Professional PACKAGE +standard


If you choose professional $899.00 you get everything that standard has plus.

TrueProfessional installation
TrueLogo installation (customer supplied)
TrueUnlimited Email support
True1 hour phone Training
TrueChoose any template
Design suite +standard +professional


If you choose Design suite $1599.00 you get everything that professional has plus

TrueThe full design suite studio. allows you to change text content, colors, backgrounds, sliders, styles, and buttons, all from one front end interface without any programming knowledge at all.
TrueIncludes an additional hour of training.
True$55.00 programming rates
Enhanced +standard +professional +Design Suite


TrueSpeed/auto lister module built in.. list 100’s of auctions in minutes not hours
True10 hours of professional design work
TrueLogo design
True3 custom slider designs
TrueLanguage modifications
True1 month free hosting
True$35.00 Programming Rates
TrueUnlimited phone support
Success +standard +professional +Design Suite +Enhanced


If you choose success $4999.00 you get everything that enhanced has plus

TrueSpecially designed link building service
True1,000,000 email campaign
TrueCustom designed email
TrueFacebook plug in
TrueGoogle site index submission
TrueAn extra month of free hosting
TrueAdditional hour of training.

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