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We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


New York , USA

Penny Auction Website Hosting

Hosting plays a big part in any websites ability to support a good user experience, but with a penny auction website it plays a huge part in how the site functions and the amount of users a site can handle. It is recommended that you use a dedicated virtual min server with all applications of our penny auction software. Without the correct hosting your penny auction website may fail. Though penny auction soft strongly recommends using godaddy for the registrar of your domain name, we strongly recommend that you do not use them for your penny auction website hosting account, they simply are not compatible with penny auction software websites. Please be sure when installing your new penny auction website software that you follow the requirements below. Penny auction Soft does offer a hosting solution for $129.00 per month which is a fully hosted virtual min server running all of the required extensions and managed by our professional team to ensure top performance for your penny auction website. Our servers are guaranteed to handle up to 2500 users at ounce on your site before you need any upgrades. Call for details.

Server Hosting Requirements for Penny Auction Soft software
NEMP Exhaustive Options List true Curl true
Dedicated Linux Server true CurlSSL true
Webmin and Virtual min system.(Cpanel upon request) true Curlwrappers true
NGINX Web Server true FTP true
MariaDB true GD true
PHP 5.4 (or Higher) true Iconv true
IonCube Loader true Imap true
Required PHP Extensions: true Magic Quotes true
Mbregex true
Expires true Mcrypt true
MySQL-nd or MySQLI(PHP / MySQL ongoing updates to PHP6) true Mhash true
Headers true MariaDB on the system true
Imagemap true Openssl true
IonCube true Sockets true
Bcmath true TTF true
Bz2 true XSL true
PHP-CGI true XmlRPC true
Calendar true Zip true
true Zlib true
true PHP-FPM true
true Memcached – PHP5-Memcached(reduced Database load) true
true Node.js with of the latest version, might change in later versions) true
true Fail2Ban(security) true

In order for your auction software to work properly, you must have your website hosted on a server meeting the requirements listed below. Penny Auction Clone Soft will not install the auction software or support it on any server not meeting these requirements. Self-installation on a server not meeting these requirements WILL result in auction performance and functionality issues.

To avoid any installation, performance or functionality issues, you should purchase our monthly hosting rental package.

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