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We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


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How to start a Penny Auction Website

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Penny auction scripts made for businessStarting a penny auction business requires a penny auction script that will not only work but a penny auction script company that will stand by its software and it clients. When we built our auction software we kept in mind that someone was going to have to use our script to actually run a business.


We built the script with power full reporting features so you can see how your doing, how much money your making and what auctions are profitable and what auctions are losing you money. Our penny auction script has features like tracking who is registering and when, what auctions are being won, what products are popular as buy it now products so you can track your progress, and you can do it all based on quarters months or even years


With our penny auction script you can manage your users, see what they bought what auctions they bid on, and lost, how many bids they have left, and track your users general habits exactly the way they see it in their own well scripted user sections. This allows you to easily manage disputes and keep your clients honest in general. You can also delete and block pesky users or users you think are taking advantage of the system.


Every penny auction business needs a way to communicate with their client, so we created automatic emailing and newsletter capability, all standard in every one of our packages. Our penny auction script does the work for you. Pre-generated emails are created and sent out for all kinds of tasks like, won auctions, reserve and seated auction notifications, when shipments go out, registration, and so much more.

For a full list of all of our penny auction script features check out the features section of this site. OR you can call us any time and we discuss if running a penny auction software business is right for you. We can help with budgeting, marketing questions, questions on how to get started.

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