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O que os clientes dizem..

Olhamos para tantas soluções de software de leilão de centavo que tudo parecia o mesmo. Mas quando vimos este software ficamos realmente impressionados.. esta é a versão Cadillac do software.. ansioso para começar.


Nova Iorque , EUA


support1 Support is our priority and we know it’s a priority to you as well. What good is buying the best penny auction software in the world if you don’t know how to us it. We have done a lot to make sure that that is not the case. Any purchase of a pro package or better and you will get a scheduled 2 hour one on one phone training session . The session includes creating your settings preferences, adding products auctions, and bid packs, going over auction types, and setting up strategies to make your business successful.

Another thing you really need is good documentation. And we have taken documentation to another level. Besides the help center and unlimited email support every module and category has something called tool tips. WE have added these tool tips to the impute bozes in the back end admin section of the entire site. All you have to do is place your cersor over the inout box and a full explanation of what the imput box requires and how it affects your site. This is standard in every package. Stop cross referencing and searching for answers the answers are right there where you are clicking. It makes it so easy.

Our general hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday : 8am – 11pm est time
Saturday : 9am- 9pm est time
Sunday : 12pm- 6 pm est time

* Don’t be scared to call any time or leave an email even in after hours, you never know when we may be working late, and always leave a message we respond in most cases with 2-3 hours. We support our software 100% . Even after you purchase we supply program updates for FREE FOR LIFE.. that’s right we offer free updated scripts for you to install for as long as you own the software..

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