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We looked at so many penny auction software solutions that all looked the same. But when we saw this software we were really impressed.. this is the Cadillac version of the software.. looking forward to getting started.


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Penny Auction Software

In 2011 vintage iron holding purchased penny auction soft. When we got the the Penny Auction Software, we quickly realized that it had been neglected for many years. Many of the templates had been neglected and were in serious need of an upgrade. Users had been neglected and the previous owner was not servicing the needs of the clients. Support was sub-par at best and clients were not happy. Despite the Terrible treatment of the previous owner’s clients we realized we had a great software and most importantly it worked even under the most extreme conditions a penny auction software needed to operate on. So we got started rebuilding and amazing base.


In 2012 we began a massive undertaking of going through the software with a fine tooth comb, try to find all of the flaws and bugs starting with the company’s flagship auction software BID CATI which was originally it was built as a swoopo or telebids clone. It was based as a php penny auction with some ajax and java functions. We were happy to see that the software was not built in php cake which is almost guaranteed to fail after only a 100 or so users are on the your site. First we upgraded the system to accommodate more users by expanding the system reliance on java and updating the php to the most recent version of php and html5. Then we started picking apart the entire system module by module, upgrading reporting, statistics , user management, payment modules. Then we did something pretty radical we converted all of the text and many of the functions to work in a database format making it easy edit and change colors buttons and wide array of images.

Then we went through and added 4 additional auction types. You sea so many other penny auction software’s focus on upgrading their auto bidders, so the new site owners can scam there users and bid against them. We left the auto bidders in the software as an option, but instead of enhancing them we decided to focus creating auctions that were both fair for the users but also did not break the new penny auction site owners bank. Owners now get some great exclusives like reserve auctions.

We didn’t stop there though. We added amazing features like facebook login features, design suite,(simply the most power full penny auction software upgrade in the industry), a well documents tool tip and help section, and a super fast auto lister module that allows you to list 100’s of auctions in minutes.

Now we can seriously say we have the most power full penny auction software in the industry with our goal being to supply our customers with not only the best auction software but also with the best customer service. Our team is made up of the most dedicated people in the industry. We currently employ 1 full time master programmer, 1 full time regular programmer, 2 designers, and a full time customer support professional.

Our office location is…

Penny Auction Soft

111a Loundon Rd
Concord NH, 03053

Sincerely, Joel M Asadoorian CEO of operations

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